Looking Into The
Invisible World

The human microbiota refers to the community of
microorganisms invisible to our naked eye residing both
outside and inside of the body

The human microbiome is the collection of genomes
from all these microorganisms present in the human body

These microbes include Bacteria, fungi and viruses,
which are continuously working to impact individual's health
and disease.
Where bacteria are acting as the biggest players.


“Control your microbes to
take control on your health”

Do you know?

You are only 10% human and 90% bacteria..!
Yes, you heard right There are more than trillion bacterial cells present in your body outnumbering the human cells.

So, imagine the way how we function on cellular level, its not only your genome affecting your health and disease, but some are also encoded in your bacterial cells.

For many years, microbes have been poorly studied and understood due to the lack of visibility and also the lengthy culturing strategies.
But, the recent advancements in the sequencing technology has paved a new path to identify these microbes at genetic levels more efficiently. This shift is a great opportunity to us to dive deep into the microbiome and synchronise them for our well being.

Introducing Gutcheck™

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